We are running a special promotion this week only! All trips are only $25,000 for three minutes. We will fly you anywhere in the world that we can reach on one quart of fuel.

All kidding aside our 500 experienced pilots have flown all over the world with a combined air millage of 100 nautical miles. Some of them have even survived their maiden flight. Call us today and we will reserve a trip for you just as soon as our new group of pilots graduate and we can purchase new Choppers. Good used helicopters with only 1,000,000 miles are hard to find for only $125.00. It is even harder to find anyone brave enough to fly them. That is why our trips are so exciting

We are also accepting applications for pilots and flight attendants. We are an equal opportunity employer. Nobody regardless of age (6 to 60), race (human or otherwise), sex(with, without or how often), or religious affiliation or not or whatever will be turned down